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About Us

The Genius Center's passionate mission is to provide expert learning support that empowers parents as they fulfill their child's birthright....an education that values his/er amazing potential and special genius!

We believe that children are supremely capable of absorbing and using knowledge from our complex world. There is no need for arbitrary structure in education; the use of coercion, rewards or other behavior modification techniques as motivation are counterproductive. With freedom, respect and nurturing support, children have a powerful drive to self-direct their own learning; the result being children who direct their own education... indeed, their own futures.  Education viewed this way becomes a mutual endeavor, a life-long process of questioning and discovery ... a true exploration of self, society, the larger world.

The Genius Center team, led by co-founder and education strategist Sherri Lander Smith, includes eminent scholars, renowned educational authorities, technology experts, and business professionals.

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