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Sherri Lander Smith

Sherri profoundly believes that every child has unique gifts and talents and that adults, in particular all parents, are charged with the honor and responsibility of seeking ways to facilitate what is essential to insure the child's future success and well-being.

She believes that children are supremely capable of absorbing and using knowledge from our complex world.  There is no need for arbitrary structure in education; the use of coercion, rewards or other behavior modification techniques as motivation are counterproductive.  With freedom, respect and nurturing support, children have a powerful drive to self-direct their own learning; the result being children who direct their own education and indeed, their own futures.  Education viewed this way becomes a mutual endeavor, a life-long process of questioning and discovery ... a true exploration of self, society, the larger world.

Sherri believes adults must be ready to perform some very important roles along the path of a child's myriad of learning experiences such as:

  • provide resources based abilities and interests,
  • network whenever possible,
  • mentor when chosen,
  • instruct when necessary,
  • model intentional learning at all times,
  • facilitate problem-solving as needed, and,
  • support every learning moment.

Sherri believes that a parent is their child's most important resource and learning guide.  The Genius Center exists to assist parents as they strive to understand their child's unique gifts and talents while customizing a genius education that respects the dynamic of their family, school and community environments.

Sherri is available for private consultations. Take advantage of Sherri's wealth of knowledge as you strategically plan your child's genius education.   Consultation fees are set up in hourly increments with discounts for advance blocks of time and regular scheduling. Appointments may be scheduled by emailing Contact@GenieU.com to discuss your specific needs..

Ask Sherri to speak at your next event! 

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