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Most parents know that their children are not receiving an education that truly honors their talents and gifts, the very things that make them unique and special human beings.

Now, in the dawn of the 21st Century, children continue to be educated like children were in the 1800s. School children are treated like automobiles on a factory assembly line. Teachers and curricula are the production-line workers moving the automobiles along the assembly line of a factory education. The current educational system administers the same one-size-fits-all curriculum to every child, regardless of the child's individual learning style, intelligences, and interests.

"The thick marble walls of libraries and museums protect our supposed bequest to future ages. How short a vision. Our children are the builders of tomorrow's world-- quiet infants, clumsy toddlers, and running, squealing second-graders, whose pliable neurons carry within them all humanity's hope. Their flexible brains have yet to germinate the ideas, the songs, and the societies of tomorrow. They can create the next world or they can annihilate it. In either case, they will do so in our names."

–Dr. Thomas Lewis, Dr. Fari Amini & Dr. Richard Lannon, authors of A General Theory of Love

Millions of children who do not fit the archaic factory systems of schooling are labeled almost as soon as they enter the door. These negative and damaging labels often follow them for the rest of their lives. Their intelligence is constantly measured by a system using standard achievement and IQ tests that we now know only assess a small portion of human intelligence. These tests do not give any indication of a child's true potentials.

Parents are left to pick up the pieces and deal with the damaging traumas that result when children are forced to learn within a system that is not designed to recognize how they learn best.

Children are humanity's most precious resources and yet, they are being robbed each and every day of an education that honors the unique human beings that they are.

When do we say as a planet, as a nation, as a parent -- enough is enough?!?!

The Time is Now!

Parents must step in and raise children to believe in their uniqueness, their special talents -- their genius!  They cannot afford to wait for the large, bureaucratic, stagnant educational system to change. Their children's future is at stake.

Humanity has acquired the knowledge, power, and creative talent to educate the next generation of children for success -- but the current educational systems are lagging behind.

The Genius Center has been created to do what the current educational systems are not doing -- help parents discover, nurture, and protect their child's genius.

The Genius Center empowers parents to help their child to create a future filled with opportunity, happiness, and success– a legacy that every parent wants to leave to their child and to humanity.

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