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The Genius Center is at the forefront of a growing trend to empower parents to take back their child's education.

At its heart is the realization that each child is a unique individual.  They deserve customized opportunities to discover their potentials within the context of exploring their true self, society and the world at large.

This message is widespread throughout history and in our world today and can be found in the works of such great pioneers as:

The Genius Center is dedicated to parents throughout history, who have made the largest and most important contribution to humanity–our future.

The Genius Center is also dedicated to the late Ralph Kiyosaki, a respected and visionary educator who believed that all children have genius.
John Locke, who believed in a child's enormous capacity for knowledge.
Erik Erikson, who realized how important the family and social life is to the development of a child.
Jean Piaget, who observed how a child processes knowledge differently from adults.
Lev Vygotsky, who found that language and environment directly impact a child's way of thinking.
Albert Einstein, who was not bound by convention and believed if you could think "it", "it" was possible.

Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori, who believed that teaching must be something "living" and that each teacher must be open-heartedly responsive to the needs of each and every child.

John Holt, who believed that learning cannot be forced, regulated or manipulated.

Alice Miller, who believes that all children behave as well as they are treated and should therefore be protected and treated with respect for their rights as young developing individuals.

John Taylor Gatto, The New York Teacher of The Year who continues to speak out for education reform and challenges the myth that modern mass schooling is working.

A.S. Neill, who advocated that all children be given the freedom and space to discover themselves.

Howard Gardner, who identified that intelligence cannot be solely measured by how good a child is at math, reading and writing, but that there are many other intelligences such as music, art, and relationship skills that are important to our society.

Thomas Armstrong, who points out that all children are different and therefore require different approaches to learning.

Jonathon Kozol, who advocates against standardized testing and who believes that good teaching involves artistry, rhythm, discipline and grace.

Joseph Chilton Pearce, who believes that the healthy development of a child's brain is directly connected to the heart of the parent.

These are but a few of the incredible individuals whose ideas have inspired The Genius Center's mission, which is to help parents find the knowledge, confidence, tools and strength to boldly create a customized education for their child.

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