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Why a safe haven for your child's genius?

Think back to the day that your child was born... On that day, didn’t you believe with all your heart that this amazing new life was destined for greatness? You understood at that moment a universal truth about your child. Your child is unique. Your child has genius!

We agree with you! Your child's unique genius is, in fact, a major tenet of sound educational theory based on the works of such great pioneers as Albert Einstein, Jean Piaget, Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori, Joseph Chilton Pearce and John Holt. (Learn more about our Inspiration...)

Humanity has acquired the knowledge, power, and creative talent to educate the next generation of children for success and fulfillment. Unfortunately, this knowledge often goes untapped, regardless of whether children are in a public, private or homeschool environment. Instead, our children are forced to cope with educational constructs that often:

Provide the same archaic, factory-method of education that was used in the 1800s.
Deliver a one-size-fits all curriculum or virtual programming that is not adaptable to a child’s unique learning style or intelligences.
Label millions of children who don't fit into a specific mold. This negative and damaging label often follows them for the rest of their lives.
Use testing systems that only assess a small portion of human intelligence.
Coerce children into learning within structures that are not authentic, interest-led or designed to recognize how they learn best.
Drug millions of children, as young as five, so they can “fit” into this flawed, archaic, inferior system.

Have you ever wondered why some education environments produce happy, motivated children and some do not? There are several reasons, the most important key to success being involved parents and educators who are passionate about the happiness and well-being of children.

The Genius Center is committed to empowering parents to take back their child's education...a safe haven, where you can learn how to discover, nurture and protect your child's genius. (Learn more about our Philosophy...)

It is our sincere hope that with the interest and support of enough concerned parents and educators, we can eliminate the sometimes limited and destructive influences that plague our education systems. We look forward to helping you provide your child with a genius education that inspires them to learn and thrive!

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