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Elizabeth Kanna

A life-long goal of helping others discover their passion!

Elizabeth has known since she was a young teen that she had a special purpose in life -- helping people discover what special talents and gifts they were born with. What makes them "special." In various roles, she has helped children discover their talents and gifts through self-empowerment courses and after-school martial arts programs since 1986.

After the birth of her children, Elizabeth knew what every parent does -- that her children were born with special talents and gifts. They are unique and special human beings and it is their birthright to be educated to believe in that unique genius.

In 1998, long before many knew what a URL was, Elizabeth co-founded Homeschool.com, which went on to become one of the top 45 websites on the Internet, according to Forbes Magazine. As editor-in-chief of one of the largest educational portals on the Internet, Elizabeth advises parents throughout the world on education and self-empowerment, and serves on the boards of three international education companies. She also is the co-author of Homeschooling for Success (Time Warner, July 2002.)

She and Sherri Lander Smith knew the time had come to create a safe haven for every child's genius. And, they were the ones to do it! Why? BECAUSE they had the guts and motivation to empower parents to listen to their gut! Parents know that THEIR CHILD HAS GENIUS! We just lose sight of that belief when faced with our one-size-fits-all educational system, lack of support, and societal pressure.


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