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Give Your Child a Genius Education

You want the world for your child.

Genie U is a Parent's Best Friend!   Trusted advice now... the power to change your child's future.

You dream about your child's future from the moment she enters the world. You want to make sure her life will be rich with opportunities, success, and happiness.

Genie U's Advisors will help you...

...Discover what HIDDEN talents are waiting to be revealed in your child.
...Nurture the  "ways" your child learns best, to maximize learning!
...Protect against the damaging labels and barriers that can adversely affect your child.

Genie U gives you access to a resource website created by a team of education strategists and with world-class resources in such disciplines as child development, curriculum development, all aspects of learning, special needs, family life and more.

We can help you build a strategic plan to discover, nurture and protect your child's genius, regardless of what life may throw your way.

You never know when you or your child may need your Genie U learning coach....as a Basic Member, contact them, whenever the need arises!

And we know something about your child already: you child was born with a genius to share with the world. Together, let's make sure that special genius grows throughout childhood.

Membership Opportunities:

A Free Membership provides you with exclusive log-in access to the extensive Genius Center Resource website.


Private Telephone Consultations with Sherri Lander Smith!
Take advantage of her wealth of knowledge as you strategically plan your child's genius education.

Ask us about special workshops, College Admissions Preparation, Academic Portfolio Development and Academic Validation services.



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