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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never seen anything like the Genius Center. What exactly is Genie U?

A Parent's Best Friend!  The Genius Center came from the hearts and minds of two parents who KNEW all children have genius and yet realized that many parents struggle to insure their child's genius is realized within educational systems.  The Genius Center coaching is based on a successful 23 year program that was once available online and now focuses on working with parents one-to-one in a coaching relationship to assis parents with educational disciplines such as as child development, curriculum development, learning techiques and planning as they balance educational needs with family and community life.. The Genius coaches can help you build a strategic plan to discover, nurture and protect your child's genius.

Why Genius?

Our collective future depends on all of our children being happy, successful human beings. Nothing would give us greater joy than to spread the message and understanding that "all children have genius" to as many parents as possible.

How can ALL children have genius?

Every child has unique gifts and talents that make them special. One child may not be as gifted academically as another for instance, but may be extremely talented in cooking, sports or art. Our goal is to help you and through you, your child's educator,s recognize that children do not fit into any one given mold. Each is special, and each has something important to contribute.

Is my child going to win a Nobel Prize if she is a genius?

He/she probably could however, when we say genius, we are referring to the spark inside each child - his/er special talent, that when realized, can ignite amazing potential.

Is using the Genius Center approach hard or time consuming?

Our coaching program is designed to work with you, at your pace and based on your family dynamic.  You can invest as little or as much time as you like in perusing the materials and resources, implementing the tips, interacting with our coaches, or participating in the suggested activities with your child. It's really up to you. You may even find yourself saying, 'Of course!' as many of the ideas that we will expose you to are sound educational theories and practical advice that will resonate with your own intuition.

Is the Genius Center a "curriculum?"

Yes and No.  In addition to working with parents one-to-one on a variety of issues, we provide workshops for parents to help guide them toward a lifelong understanding of their children's unique and special gifts and talents. In addition, planning guides can be provided for those who are facilitating learning environments and a constant exchange of ideas that support the planning process is available through communications with our Learning Coaches. 

The core equation of our program is "Passion for Learning + Knowledge and Support = Success." The extensive content of the Genius Center's programming gives parents crucial information on child and scholastic development while providing practical examples that can be adapted at home. Our goal is to provide a wealth of information and personalized support to you customize your child's education for success whether they attend a public, private, parochial or homeschool setting.

The Genius Center's comprehensive programming for parents can include:

Activity Suggestions
Learning Styles Guide
Intelligences Guide
Child Development Guide
Positive Learning Environment Plans
Personal Learning Coach Services
Genius Advocate Interviews
Recommended Resources
Sound Education Theory
Applied Learning Methodology
Empowerment Messages
Information on Current Trends in Education
Identifying Genius Barrier Warning Signs
Academic Validation & College Admission Portfolio Development

Is my child too young or too old to benefit from the Genius Center?

It is never too early to start, nor is it ever too late to help your child discover his or her genius. In fact, we know many adults who are just now discovering their genius! So, give it a try. We provide specific information geared toward all age groups, from newborns to teenagers. to young adults entering college or in need of resume building guidance. .


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